If you’ve been looking at your shopping cart and wondering “where’s the beef?” you’re not alone. Steak may not be in everyone’s budget these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxurious boeuf Bourguignon or smoky slices of barbecued beef when you’ve got an affordable cut like beef chuck sitting at the meat counter, just waiting to be bought. The versatility of beef chuck can’t be overstated. Certainly the most popular way, from France to Nigeria, is to make it into a soul-satisfying stew. But it’s also at the heart of regional comfort foods like Texas chili con carne and Taiwanese beef noodle soup and celebratory staples like Egyptian fatta. It even serves as the meaty backbone of borsch. These beef chuck recipes will have you positively giddy the next time there’s a special for the cut at the market.

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