This holiday season, we’ve teamed up with our friends at NOLET’S Silver Gin to share some of our favorite products and recipes for hosting—including our go-to cocktails starring NOLET’S Gin, which is crafted with real botanicals and over 330 years of family experience.

Whether it’s your first time hosting during the holidays or your 40th time, we know that it can be a stressful undertaking. From creating a cohesive menu to making sure you have enough plates and forks to go around, there are countless points at which planning can take a wrong turn. To avoid some of these potential pitfalls, we turned to the Food52 team for advice: What are holiday hosting essentials you can’t live without? The answers varied, ranging from silicone lids that make prep work a breeze to festive, easy-to-love cocktails made with NOLET’S Gin. However you’re celebrating the season, here are 12 of our best tips, recipes, and tools to make it as seamless—and joyful—as possible.

1. Fig & Blue Cheese Savories

“This is the perfect, elegant nibble for a holiday party. They’re savory and sweet, like a cookie and cracker in one.” —Nicole Davis, Contributing Editor

2. Gin Mule

“My biggest beef with a Moscow Mule is that it’s vodka based, and I’m very much not a vodka girl. The swap for NOLET’S Gin, plus the addition of festive pomegranate, makes this the ideal holiday sipper for me.” —Emily Ziemski, Food Editor

3. Chili Crisp & Honey Roasted Chicken From Frankie Gaw

“Not only is this take on roasted chicken wildly delicious, it’s also surprisingly easy for how impressive it looks and tastes. It’s exactly the sort of festive centerpiece that holiday gatherings call for, without any stress.” —Anabelle Doliner, Staff Editor

4. Mulled Wine Negroni

“I made this for a Friendsgiving last year and let me tell you, my friends were impressed! It is truly the perfect winter cocktail.” —Sam Brahler, Senior Account Manager, Brand Partnerships

5. New-Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies With All Tahini & No Butter

“Even with all of the seasonal options out there, chocolate chip cookies are still my No. 1 for the holidays…or really even any time of the year. It’s pretty hard to top a classic chocolate chip cookie, but when I first tried these tahini chocolate chip cookies, I didn’t realize I had been missing them all my life. I think using tahini in desserts is still relatively new for a lot of people, especially for the holidays, so this is always a welcome and surprising hit.” —Ariel Pietrobono Costa, Creative Strategy Director

6. Brown Butter Stuffing

“I’m all about this brown-butter stuffing for holiday dinners. It’s a crowd pleaser that has even non-stuffing-lovers going for seconds.” —Maurine Hainsworth, Senior Copywriter

7. Maple Gimlet

“The addition of maple syrup makes this gimlet decidedly wintry. Plus, it’s a cocktail that couldn’t be simpler to make: Along with the syrup, just add lime juice and NOLET’S Silver Gin to an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake for 20 to 30 seconds, and float star anise on top for garnish, if desired.” —Anabelle Doliner, Staff Editor

8. Five Two Airtight Silicone Lids

“I rave to friends about these silicone lids. They not only help with dinner prep but also keep food warm after it hits the table—a must when there are multiple dishes to juggle!” —Maurine Hainsworth, Senior Copywriter

9. Russel Wright American Modern Dinnerware

“I have some vintage Russel Wright that I love, and have switched out my other dishes for these over time. They look amazing no matter what your style, taste or occasion. The Lug bowls are my absolute favorite! So versatile, they are perfect for ingredients prep, salad bowl, candy, bowls, dips, and are easy to hold for sofa grazing during the big game or in front of the fireplace.” —Wren Bach, Director of User Experience & Product Design

10. Essential Stackable Colored Glassware & Pitcher

“I love how this colorful glassware from Hawkins New York dresses up any drink.” —Nicole Davis, Contributing Editor

11. Espro Coffee French Press P7

“My favorite moment when dining—especially when you’re with your closest friends and family during the holidays—is the cup of coffee after dinner. It’s revitalizing, delicious, and the best way to keep everyone together at the table.” —Paul Hagopian, Editorial Content Creator

12. Handmade Holiday Felt Advent Calendars

“A really cute and lovely advent calendar like this one brings back so much nostalgia for me, makes for a statement decor piece, and also keeps me on track to remember the office holiday party!” —Emily Ziemski, Food Editor

What are your holiday hosting essentials? Let us know in the comments!

In partnership with NOLET’S, we’re sharing this holiday season’s most festive tips, tricks, and recipes. With a rich history that dates back over 330 years and 11 generations, NOLET’S floral and fruit-forward gin is a staple on our bar carts during the holiday season and beyond.

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