Maybe I’m dating myself a bit, but I remember a famous ad with the tagline, “The incredible edible egg!” running on television when I was young, presumably to encourage consumers to buy more eggs, which had fallen victim to the great cholesterol scare of the late 70s. The tide has definitely turned and now eggs are back to being one of the healthiest and most versatile foods you can eat. And one of the favorite ways to cook them across all cultures is in omelette form—gloriously pale, gently rolled and flipped onto a plate Ă  la France; lightly golden brown and folded over a generous filling in a nod to America; encasing creamy olive oil-slow-cooked potatoes and onion in a Spanish tortilla; resting atop ketchup-seasoned Japanese fried rice like a soft blanket; or fried until golden, puffy, and crispy around the edges Thai-style. Whatever you fancy, these omelette recipes are sure to inspire you to crack a few eggs.

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