When all you can think about is how to get your new baby to sleep soundly ASAP, this lightweight versatile sleep sack will serve you well through various phases of your little one’s sleep journey. At first, it can be used as a standard swaddle (which closes easily thanks to velcro) with your baby’s arms tucked in or with her arms bent, hands near her face. When she’s a little older, you can release one or both arms for a safe transition to sleep sacking. The sack’s covered zip and velcro closures give the Halo Sleep sack a leg up from DIY swaddles when you’re short on sleep and lack the patience for practicing origami. 

Parents Say

“we live for the halo sleep sack! My baby sleeps with her arms out and we love it.” 

“We use the Halo sleep sacks. I love them. Easy to use, you can wrap them with arms in, or out, and they allow baby to suck on their hands for self soothing. I have two newborn sizes, just in case one gets messy.”

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