Are you looking for ways to make sex more romantic? We have got you covered. Check out the best ways to have romantic sex.

It may seem like there’s a limit to how much you can do to make your sexual experiences exciting but don’t give up hope just yet. There are plenty of simple ways to add a romantic touch and bring you and your partner closer together. Yes, you heard that right! Sex can be as romantic as you and your partner want it to be. It’s about building a stronger connection with your partner. Plus, incorporating romance into your daily routine, especially in the bedroom, is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your sex life, here are 5 simple ways to make sex more romantic.

How to make sex life more romantic?

“Romantic sex is about combining connection and intimacy with the act of sexual intercourse. Timing and ambiance are crucial in creating an enjoyable experience for both partners. Environmental cues, such as dressing style, personal aura, physical intimacy, and gentle communication, play a vital role, particularly during the foreplay stage. Additionally, incorporating music can also enhance the sexual experience,” says Sexologist and Psychiatrist Dr Sanjay Kumawat.

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Expressing love, passion, and care through sensual contact is the essence of sexual romance. Here are some ways to make sex more romantic.

1. Spice your sex with intense foreplay

One of the most important things in sex is keeping the love and passion alive. You can enhance the experience by adding more intensity to neck kisses, taking your time to undress, or exploring vibrating toys. This helps you understand your partner’s body and deepens the connection. Consider this as one of the crucial steps to make sex more romantic.

2. Set the mood

You have to create the right atmosphere for romantic sex. After all, it’s difficult to concentrate on making love to your spouse while your phones’ ringing nonstop, TV is playing in the background, or you’re running out of time to get things done. Dim the lights, play slow music, and light a few candles to create a romantic environment. Kiss and flirt to create anticipation for a sexual encounter and bring that passion back to your sex life.

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3. Turn on the light

For many people, turning on the lights during intercourse is a big “no-no,” but to make sex more romantic, you must be willing to be vulnerable with your partner. A lamp, nightlight, string lights, or pillar candles can all create a romantic atmosphere without using all of the available light in the space. Adding light to the room will also allow you and your partner to see each other throughout the act, which can increase your vulnerability and make the session feel more intimate.

4. Enjoy yourselves

Your emotional connection is a major deciding factor in romantic sex. If you’re chasing each other like jackrabbits in an attempt to get it done, it’s just not possible to maintain that connection in the moment. The primary goal is to make each other feel special with what makes you happy, whether its kissing, touching, or talking. If you want to add a dash of romance in your life, try enjoying yourself by being in the moment.

5. After sex-cuddles

The pillow discussion after the act is the one thing that can be even more romantic than the act itself. You two need to let go of all these chemicals that are coursing through your body, especially after such an intense get-together. There’s no better way to unwind after a passionate evening than by snuggling into each other’s arms. Your emotional bond will only deepen and get stronger when you both have that “you’re safe with me” sense.

6. Communicate your needs

“Being romantic in bed is essential for developing a bond in a relationship. For this, foreplay plays a vital role. Engaging in activities like physical connection, massage, and pep talks can all help. However, communication is essential as every person has very distinct interests, especially when it comes to sex and physical intimacy,” says the expert.

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Couple lying on bed and looking at each other

Communicate with each other to enjoy your sex life! Image courtesy: FreepikSharing a moment with the one you love most is the essence of romantic sex. It’s all about sharing an experience. Keep in mind that building an emotional connection is crucial for passionate sex, therefore strengthen it! Enjoy a regular date night, experiment with non-sexual physical contact, and talk to each other about what you like or don’t like. You and your partner will be having the most romantic sex of your lives if you and your partner follow these romantic sex tips.

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