Just got married and worried about sex? Check out some helpful sex tips for newly married couples to ensure it’s a smooth sailing!

Building a healthy sexual camaraderie takes time, effort and passion. Does that mean newlywed couples can’t enjoy sex? Not always. Sometimes, in arranged marriages, lack of familiarity with the partner may add a sense of hesitancy and people may have difficulty in intimacy. They need time to ease into the relationship and form a physical bond. Good conversations can help in a big way. Let us share with you top sex tips for newly married couples!

What is the importance of sex in a marriage?

Sex in a marriage helps in building intimacy and closeness over time. It leads to a bond formation and brings people close physically as well as emotionally and psychologically, says psychiatrist and sex educator Dr Rashi Agarwal.

Sex helps to form a bond with your partner. Image courtesy: Freepik

How does sex help to stay healthy?

There are many benefits of sex, including the fact that it is a natural way to relieve stress. According to a 2019 study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, expressions of intimacy, including sexual, helped to bring cortisol levels back within normal range. Cortisol is important, as it is a hormone that helps in circulating the body’s response to stress. After sex, you get a sense of relief, satisfaction, and happiness. Sex also helps in staying active, as various muscle groups are involved during a sexual activity.

Sex tips for newly married couples

Popular media has made everyone believe in the concept of a wedding night. But every newlywed couple needs to understand and accept that it is okay to take time to be comfortable about sex. The first step is to ensure that whenever it happens, sex is consensual! Thereafter, newlyweds can follow these tips for a better sex life!

1. Communicate about sex

Communication is very important. From consent and your sexual history to your likes and dislikes, it is vital to talk about it all. A healthy communication channel can show how you grow together as a couple, resolve your conflicts, and get to know each other better. Sexual communication is positively correlated with relationships as well as sexual satisfaction. You can talk about it before and after sex. This will let your partner be aware of what you want as well as how good it is.

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2. Create the vibe

Start with a clean bedroom, light some candles and put some music on to get romantic. After a stressful day or week due to the wedding ceremony, these small things can make a lot of difference.

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Set the mood before intercourse. Image courtesy: Freepik

3. Roleplay

Roleplay in the bedroom can create enthusiasm. You can be a seductress secretary or boss or a naughty babysitter! Role play can really get your sex life rolling. Click here to know more about it!

4. Read erotica

There are “dirty movies”, but if they are too much for you, you can read dirty stories. Reading dirty stories to your partner or listening to audio erotica together can be helpful in making you feel more comfortable about sex. You can take a step further by turning those words into a reality.

5. Prioritise foreplay

Foreplay helps to get your body ready for sex and lower inhibitions, says the expert. It can make sex hotter between partners and build emotional intimacy too.

6. Respond

Moaning during sex is a form of appreciating and enjoying sex. When you moan, your partner understands what drives you wild and where they have to focus more on.

7. Eye contact matters

Great sex requires chemistry as well as vulnerability. You can make sex hotter and more meaningful by keeping eye contact throughout the act.

8. Dirty talk

Dirty talk is about freely expressing yourself, but it doesn’t have to be dirtier than you are comfortable with. Imagine what you would like to hear and share that too. Always remember to set boundaries of non-acceptable words.

9. Compliment each other

You or your partner may have insecurities about body parts, and that’s why complimenting each other is important. A few kind words will make you or your partner feel more assured at the moment.


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