The 369 manifestation method is one of the methods of manifestation that may help in turning dreams into reality. Here is how to try the 369 manifestation method.

Don’t mistake manifestation for magic. Making your dreams and aspirations come true through manifestations takes action. One of such methods of manifestation is the 369 technique. It is a tool to align your ideas, emotions and actions with your intended reality. Whether you want to manifest joy, love or success, here’s all you need to know about the 369 manifestation method and how to do it yourself.

What is the 369 manifestation method?

The 369 manifestation method is a powerful technique that offers an organised method for manifesting your objectives using the vibrational energy associated with specific numbers. While writing affirmations for the 369 method, you have to repeat them three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night, explains psychotherapist and life coach Dr Chandni Tugnait.

The 369 manifestation method required a pen and paper. Image courtesy: Freepik

What do you need for the 369 manifestation method?

1. Writing tools

The 369 approach requires only a pen and paper. The act of physically writing down your desires increases intention and focus. Use coloured pens or markers, suggests the expert. Each colour has the ability to elicit distinct energies and emotions, which can help you manifest more effectively. While any paper will do, keeping a specific notebook for your 369 method entries will let you track your progress and stay organised.

2. Commit to the intention

Decide what you want to materialise before you begin. It could be money, love, health, or a specific objective. Be precise and specific about your desires.

3. Create your affirmation

Express your desire as a positive affirmation to manifest it. For example, you can say to yourself, “I am financially abundant” and “I attract loving relationships”.

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4. Practice consistently

Make a commitment to writing your affirmations on a consistent basis. Even if you are busy, take out some time so that you can practice it without fail.

The power of the technique is not only in the act of writing, but also in the energy and intention you put into each repetition. Whether you use a plain notebook or a colourful diary, the 369 technique enables you to co-create with the universe and match your thoughts with your ideal reality, says Dr Tugnait.

Why the 369 formula?

The 369 formula is a belief that specific numbers have spiritual meaning in the universe. It is believed that the number 3 denotes creation, history and foundation, 6 symbolises balance, harmony, and the present moment, and finally, 9 denotes completion, the future, and letting go.

How to write affirmations for the 369 technique?

When writing affirmations for the 369 manifestation method, focus on creating concise, positive, and present-tense statements corresponding to your aspirations and goals, says the expert. Here are some suggestions:

1. Be specific

Clearly express what you wish to materialise, using descriptive phrases that elicit emotions and visuals, such as: “I am successfully running my own business and earning a steady income.”

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2. Use the present tense

Writing your affirmations as if they were really happening will help your mind accept and believe in the feasibility of your wish. For instance, “I am confidently delivering engaging presentations to large audiences.”

3. Keep it positive

Focus on what you want or desire instead of what you don’t want. Avoid negative terms like “don’t,” “can’t,” and “won’t.” Use, “I am attracting loving and supportive relationships into my life” instead of “I don’t want to be lonely anymore.”

4. Make it believable

While it is beneficial to dream large, ensure your affirmations are reasonable and attainable to foster trust in the manifestation process. You could say, “I am consistently saving Rs 10,000 each month to build my emergency fund” instead of “I am a billionaire.”

A woman in suit writing on a diary
The affirmations should be positive. Image courtesy: Freepik

5. Evoke emotions

When reading or saying affirmations, choose words that elicit pleasant feelings and make you feel wonderful. For example, “I am embracing positive emotions in my life.”

How to do the 369 manifestation method?

Divide your day properly to manage the 369 manifestation method. Here’s an easy guide to help you with it:

1. Morning

Begin your day by writing your desire thrice. As you do this, focus on what you want to produce. Consider it as if it is already happening, says the expert.

2. Noon

Repeat it during lunchtime by writing your desire six times. Feel the power of your intention grow stronger.

3. Evening

Write down your desire nine times before going to bed. This final repeat strengthens your aim and aligns your thoughts with the desired outcome.

How many days should you do the 369 manifestation method?

In the 369 manifestation method, the number of days to practice is frequently tied to numerological significance. Some people go for 33 days, as it is assumed it takes 33 days to form a new habit or pattern. Practising the strategy for 33 days is supposed to help strengthen your focus and belief in your manifestation, says the expert.

The period for which you exercise the 369 method is entirely up to you. Some people prefer shorter times, such as 21 days while others may maintain the practice for longer periods or even make it a regular habit.

What happens if you skip a day?

Don’t worry or panic if you miss a day when using the 369 manifestation method. The manifestation process is intended to be good and uplifting; and obsessing about “perfection” might be counterproductive.

If you skip a day, you can do the following:

  • Recognise that you missed a day, but don’t let it get you down. Everyone has off days or busy schedules that can disrupt their practices.
  • Simply take up where you left off and resume your affirmations the next day. Concentrate on maintaining a steady practice going forward.
  • If you frequently miss days, take time to consider why. May be you are losing interest.
  • Remember why you started this manifestation exercise and what you hope to achieve. This can help you maintain your motivation and commitment to the procedure.

The 369 manifestation method directs your intentions and energies toward your desired outcomes. Missing a single day will not stop your growth or undermine your efforts. The most essential thing is to preserve a positive attitude, believe in the process, and work toward your goals regularly over time.

Does the 369 manifestation method really work?

The success of the 369 manifestation method, like any other manifestation technique, is extremely subjective and not scientifically verified. The concept of manifestation is founded on the idea that focusing your thoughts, feelings, and actions on a desired objective can help make it a reality.

The effectiveness of the 369 manifestation method is determined by various things, including your personal beliefs, dedication to the practice, and capacity to combine positive thinking with inspired action. While it does not guarantee success, practicing self-reflection, a positive mentality, and goal-setting can help in personal growth and development.

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