Do you end up having makeup sex after you fight with your partner? Well, makeup sex is not only good for your relationship but for your health too. Here’s how!

A new couple’s first argument is a typical theme in romantic comedy films or series. Voices rise, fingers twitch, and each partner argues while exaggerating the events that took place. Following a tense silence, the couple gives each other a passionate kiss and embrace. If they make it that far, it’s off to the bedroom after that. Pop culture frequently portrays makeup sex as the best sex and one of the most intense forms of romantic interaction between a couple. High on adrenaline and having vented their emotions, the couples might reignite their love for each other with a passion rarely seen in ordinary sex. Let’s find out if makeup sex helps or harms your relationship in the long run, the benefits of makeup sex, and if there are any drawbacks.

What is makeup sex?

In simple terms, makeup sex is an informal term used to describe sexual intimacy that happens after a conflict between a couple. Sometimes, couples tend to have a lot of differences of opinion, which can lead to heated arguments, which then can lead to physical intimacy. This is a way for a couple to unwind after a bitter fight.

Makeup sex might be good for your relationship. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

Is makeup sex the same as break-up sex?

No, break-up sex is different as it occurs when a couple decides to end their relationship. It involves engaging in sexual activity even though the partners have chosen to part ways romantically. Further, break-up sex may be driven by various emotions, including a final expression of intimacy before separation or a way to cope with the emotional challenges of the breakup. On the other hand, make-up sex involves engaging in sexual activity as a way to reconcile and reconnect after a conflict, says the expert.

What are the benefits of makeup sex?

Here are some of the benefits of makeup sex:

1. Restores trust in relationship

“Having sex is a bonding experience that helps restore trust and provide hope for a happy future for a couple. Regaining faith may also heighten sexual feelings since more security may make more intimate relationships possible, however, this isn’t always the case,” says sexologist and psychiatrist, Dr Sanjay Kumavat.

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2. Enhances the release of dopamine and oxytocin

The brain releases oxytocin and dopamine when having sex. These substances contribute to a gratifying, enjoyable, and soothing experience, according to a study published in Oxford Academic Journal. They are released not just during the building, climaxing, and relaxing phases of sex, but also throughout the orgasm. In short, makeup sex can help produce happy hormones, which in turn will help tackle mental health issues.

3. Provides a fun break from the conflict

In a relationship, having sex is a terrific way to release some steam and engage in a pleasurable, spontaneous activity. Sharing happy and enjoyable experiences makes significant changes in your relationship and builds emotional intimacy as well. Making the most of conflict-free moments in the bedroom can rectify the problems created in the relationship.

4. Reduces partner stress

When both partners enjoy something together like makeup sex, the tension between them vanishes. Having sex can lead to positive changes in your mood. A study published in the Journal of sexual medicine has observed that having sex can help reduce anxiety and depression in women. So, sex is an effective way to release unnecessary tension.

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Is makeup sex good or bad for your relationship?

Whether or not makeup sex is good for someone may vary from one person to another. Some people get so overpowered by the feelings of anger that it might not work for them at the moment. For some people, it might be a good way to let go of the tension in the relationship. However, the expert says that it is better to establish good communication when there’s a conflict in your relationship. It’s also believed that makeup sex calms couples only for a short time and can affect them negatively in the long run. For a healthy relationship, it is important to balance communication and physical intimacy so that couples can share their feelings without feeling threatened or vulnerable.

Drawbacks of makeup sex

Here are some of the potential problems of having makeup sex:

1. Using sex as a substitute for communication

Sex is not an alternative to communication. Problems can be solved only if you communicate and listen to each other.

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2. Ignoring the main problem

While sex can be a temporary fix, you need to address the issues by communicating your needs, desires, and issues properly.

Couple fighting
Sex is temporary fix to a permanent problem. Image courtesy: Freepik

3. May feel like more than a quick fix

Makeup sex makes you think that problems are resolved when they aren’t. If a couple uses sex to work through difficulties or move past them, but doesn’t discuss emotions, triggers, or future goals, the relationship is doomed to collapse in the future.

So, make up with your partner with some makeup sex but don’t let it overshadow the underlying problems that might make your relationship crumble in the long run!

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