QUINCY (WGEM) – When it’s time to replace a new knee, Tri-States patients will have a new experience with a new technology at Blessing Health.

Doctors with Blessing Health Center demonstrated their new Velys Robotic-Assisted Technology to patients Wednesday during an open house in Quincy.

The robot’s alignments, balance, and cuts work with the surgeons’ hands to reduce recovery time and enable patients to go home the same day of the procedure.

Surgeons said Velys reduces the producer by about two hours.

“Because we’re balancing the knee perfecting, aligning the knee perfecting, getting it perfect every time the patient is recovering a lot quicker,” Blessing Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Dr. Darr Leutz said. “Usually within two weeks of coming in, sometimes without a cane or anything, and they got full motion already.”

Doctors at Blessing said they’ve performed more than 125 knee replacements using the new technology since July of last year.

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