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Amid bird flu spread, is it safe to drink milk?

Bird flu fragments have been detected in retail samples of milk, leading some to wonder if it’s safe to drink.

Experts chime in on whether pasteurized milk poses any risk. Click here to get the story.

Traces of bird flu have been detected in pasteurized milk, leaving many people wondering if it’s safe to drink. (iStock)

Here are stroke prevention tips for women

One in five women between ages 55 and 75 will experience a stroke in their lifetime. 

A physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist shares five tips for women to reduce their risk. Click here to get the story.

People doing yoga

Practicing exercises that promote heart health and reduce stress can help reduce the possibility of stroke, a doctor said. (iStock)

7 tips for a whiter, brighter smile

Keeping your teeth bright and white can be a challenge, with various factors causing discoloration. 

Two dental health experts revealed do’s and don’ts for a pearly-white smile. Click here to get the story.

man smiles for a selfie

One dentist’s rule is, “If it can stain a white T-shirt, it can stain your teeth.” (iStock)

Mother shares heartbreaking story

Robin McFadden of New York discussed with Fox News Digital the surprising factor that she believes led to her 23-year-old son’s suicide. 

Here’s what she wants other parents to know. Click here to get the story.

Derek McFadden split

Derek McFadden, pictured at left with his mom Robin McFadden, was 23 years old when he took his own life on Aug, 17, 2018, in Tucson, Arizona. (Robin McFadden)

Patients who see female doctors may live longer, study suggests

Patients who are treated by female physicians could have an advantage in terms of longevity and recurring hospitalizations, research has found. 

Both male and female doctors weighed in on the findings. Click here to get the story.

Female doctor with male patient

“Women tend to have a higher empathy quotient, which can impact patient care and diagnosis and treatment directly,” one doctor told Fox News Digital. (iStock)

CDC warns of fake Botox dangers 

Public health officials issued an official health alert about reports of fake Botox injections that have landed some patients in the hospital. 

Learn more about the symptoms and how to ensure safety with aesthetic procedures. Click here to get the story.


8 bad habits could shorten your life, doctors say

Longevity experts are warning about behaviors that cause “cellular damage” — and sharing ways to move forward.

From sun exposure to smoking, here are the eight behaviors to avoid. Click here to get the story.

Unhealthy habits

The key is to make healthier choices in the areas that can be controlled — and that starts with breaking bad habits, experts say. (iStock)

Can AI help predict cancer treatment odds?

GE HealthCare has developed an artificial intelligence tool that predicts the safety and effectiveness of immunotherapy for certain cancer patients. 

Here’s why doctors are calling this an “exciting time in medicine.” Click here to get the story.

Health weekend split

This weekend’s health roundup includes a mother’s heartbreaking story, experts’ insights on bird flu and milk, stroke prevention tips for women, and more. (Robin McFadden/iStock)

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