Aerial Yoga Swing Set Yoga Hammock Yoga Swing Strong Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing Yoga Swing Sling Inversion Exercises Include 2 Extensions Straps for Indoor Outdoor Home Gym Fitness

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Aerial Yoga Swing Set Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock Flying Kit Aerial Yoga Hammock Sling Inversion Tool for Indoor Home Gym Fitness

The aerial yoga swing set can improve your health through inversion therapy for spinal decompression or upper body strength building. A few anti-gravity yoga hammock sling exercise per week bring you back pain relief. Aerial yoga swing strengthens and loosens your core muscles and improves your stretching. Find a professional workout trainer for your family!

Yoga Hammock Specification
1.Material: 210T Nylon taffeta, commonly known as parachute fabric with no elastic.
2.Size: 250x150cm
3.Package included: Yoga Swing Seat *1 + Yoga Sling Arms with Foam Padded Handles *6 + Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Locking Carabiners*4 + Multi-Loop Extension Strap *2+Portable Storage Bag *1 + OPP Bag *1
4.Affordability: 200kg
5.Weight: 1.1kg

How Yoga Hammock Works
1.Traction: Thanks to Yoga Hammock, body weight traction is the safest and most effective way to exercise.
2.Back & Core Strengthen: A few anti-gravity Yoga Hammock exercise per week bring you back pain relief. Inverted, gravity resistance training is effective deep core strength.
3.Flexibility: Just hang back, grab your ankles and chill out from the Yoga Hammock.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy
The Yoga Hammock is the best known spinal traction device.
1.The aerial Yoga Hammock builds core and upper body strength.
2.The aerial Yoga Hammock can bring spinal decompression and spine muscles relaxation.
3.The aerial Yoga Hammock can give you blood circulation and immune system improving.
4.The aerial Yoga Hammock can give you flexibility and coordination improving.
5.The aerial Yoga Hammock enhances external and internal self-confidence.

【PREMIUM GRADE MATERIAL】The main Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing and yoga sling arms made of high-quality and extra strength 210T (parachute) silk nylon fabric. Equipped with gym-grade grip rubber strong handles, can withstand a load equal to the weight of an adult (up to 440 lbs ). The yoga swing kit is safe enough for Yoga lovers to practice freely.
【PACKAGE INCLUDES】 Premium grade Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing kit Complete aerial yoga swing set includes yoga swing seat *1 + yoga sling arms with foam padded handles *6 + heavy-duty stainless steel locking carabiners*4 + multi-loop extension strap *2+portable storage bag *1 + OPP Bag *1. This yoga swing is easy to set up, you can just hang it in a doorframe, swing it over an exposed beam which is perfect for both swing beginners and professionals.
【SIMPLE INSTALLTION】 Our yoga hammock is already assembled. You can directly hang it anywhere through two multi-loop extension straps, be it your home, gym, or on a branch of a tree for the perfect yoga workout. The main yoga swing seat boasts more sitting area than other competitors, using it as a hammock outsides or a swing as your kids are going to love it.
【IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY& STRESS RELIEVING BLEND】This yoga swings for indoor use gives an yoga practitioner a safe and fun way to strengthen each posture like practicing backbends, splits, inversions, stretching and more postures. Meanwhile, versatile yoga hammock can relieve back pain, tight achy muscles, improve flexibility and balance and get rid of daily stress and tension from work so you can get both Improved physical and mental health.
【100% GUARANTEE】 Aerial yoga hammock is a way to take your yoga practice to a new level. It is a proven way to strengthen your spine, reduce your pain and relieve your stress. If there is any problem about our yoga swing or don’t meet your expect, please contact us in time, we confidently believe that our yoga swing will bring you a pleasant fitness experience, so we offer you an undisputed 100% refund or replacement promise.


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