Fitness Journal & Workout Planner, Workout Log Book for Weight Loss, Exercise Log Book for Men Women, Weight Lifting log book, Fitness Tracker & journal, Black, 8.5 x 6 x 0.6

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Research shows that keeping a Workout Journal helps you get fitter faster by keeping track of your progress. The Gotchaz Fitness Journal & Workout Planner was designed by experts. It can be used as a Gym Notebook, Workout Tracker, Exercise log book for Men, Women and also as a Kids Fitness Tracker. Use the Daily Exercise Log Book to Track your Weight lifting, Cardio, Gym Sets, Cross fit, Workout Sets ,Weight loss and Health progress. This Spiral-Bound, hard cover journal with 120 gsm Thick Pages makes a great gym accessory for men and women. The workout planner includes 150 days of fitness tracking with dedicated pages for setting fitness or weight loss goals, weekly progress tracking. products list and more! You can be sure that using a fitness journal will give you a training edge and help you reach your fitness goals quicker than you ever thought possible. After all, exercise positively impacts many areas of our lives-often more than we ever imagined possible. Better sleep, improved mood, greater stamina, an improvement of chronic health conditions are often just a few of the ‘side effects’ of regular exercise. A written record allows you to find patterns that are holding you back, and helps you to plan your workouts around things you know are going to impact your exercise performance or the will to exercise. We believe the Gotchaz fitness journal will be the best tool to easily track your fitness progress and to help you achieve your health goals!
REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS FASTER! Keeping a fitness journal means you can plan ahead to achieve your goals, look back to see what’s working and what’s not, and have a clear idea of what you’re going to do today when you head to the gym. It takes the guess work out of it and maximizes the results of everything you do, because when you keep a fitness journal everything you do has a purpose.
EASY TO USE AND ADVANCED TRACKING: Capture every rep, set, and body measurement in the simplest, most effective way with our fitness planner for men and women. Use the weekly progress tracker to track your weight, measurements or record your weight lifting progress. There is plenty of room to track 10 exercises, cardio, heart rate, weight, notes and more all on one page! Each page is designed for one day’s workout, so there is no need for small handwriting anymore!
PREMIUM QUALITY, PERFECT PORTABLE SIZE AND HARDCOVER FOR DURABILITY: The Gotchaz 8.5″ x 6″ personal workout planner is built to last. The 150-page exercise log is made from thick, high quality 120 gsm paper that will not bleed and will survive the wear and tear of everyday use in the gym or at home. The pages are joined with sturdy wire so it won’t get shabby and fall to pieces.
STYLISH & PRACTICAL FITNESS: The fitness journal starts with the first page to document your current and desired measurements. There is one page for your personal information, one page for setting your fitness goals, one page for listing exercises, one page for your weekly progress tracking, one page with a calendar, one page for results followed by 143 daily pages (lasting 4.5 months of every day use).
THE PERFECT GIFT: Whether you are shopping for gym gifts or accessories for men or a fitness journal for women- this gender neutral fitness log book will be the perfect gift for the gym goers in your life. This book was thoughtfully designed by fitness experts. Research shows that keeping an exercise journal helps you get fitter faster!


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