Weighted Sports Hoop: ARMHOOP – 2 Hoops, Workout and Exercise

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*** 0.45kg (2 x 200 grams) comes in green. 0.9kg (2 x 400 grams) comes in pink. *** *** Shipping from Southern California. ***

Arm Hoop is a specially designed to work out you Arm and shoulder muscles. Arm hoops have a smaller diameter which allows users to comfortably control the hoop around their arms and exercise the upper body. Arm Hoop is good for all users to tone and shape the arms and get rid of flabby skin. One box comes with a pair of Arm Hoops. Specification – Materials: Engineered foam – For all users – Design Feature: single pipe hoop covered with foam – Dimension: Dia. 13.5″ – Weight: Actual weight 7.2 oz We are the original manufacturer and exclusive distributor.
For all users single pipe hoop covered with foam
Arm Hoop Workout for Strengthen arms and shoulders
Tone upper body with ease
200 gram for each arm for chest muscle workout


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