Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Charging Case LED Display 96H Playtime Built in Mic Over Ear buds Waterproof Earphones with Earhooks Deep Bass Sound Headset for Sport Running Workout TV

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RIZIZI Wireless Earbuds with Earhooks, Made for Exercise, Combine LED Digital Display to Bring You a Day of Quality Music Enjoyment.

1.The charging case has a LED digital display on the outside, that makes the charging process visible.

2.RIZIZI bluetooth earphones support wireless charging and USB C charging, and the 96hrs total playtime allows you to enjoy a full day of music.

3.The ear hooks keep the earbuds firmly attached to the ear, don’t worry about dropping the earphones during exercise and interrupting your sport rhythm.

4.The HD sound quality transfer allows you to immerse yourself into the music world, clear your mind and give yourself a break.

5.There has a wireless charging area at the bottom of the charging case, you can place the charging case’s wireless charging area on the wireless charger’s charging area, connect the wireless charger to the power supply, then charging case and earbuds will be charged together.(Package doesn’t include wireless charger)


Up to 96Hrs Audio Playtime with Digital Display Charging Case

Each RIZIZI bluetooth headphone can be used for 8 hours on a single charge, charging case can charge the earbuds 4 times.

The overall battery life can reach 96 hours when combined with the charging case, meet your day’s need.

1.The number: Battery percentage of the charging case.

2.Four independent power consumption indicators: Charging process of the earbuds.


Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Make Clearer Voice Transmission During Calls

1.Deliver clear and natural sound, making conversations more easily understandable.

2.The microphone is designed to be sensitive, capturing the user’s voice, and the other party can hear it clearly.


It’s Easy to Share Music or Sounds Conveniently in Single Ear Mode.

1.Users can choose between single-ear or dual-ear mode based on their needs, enhancing flexibility and convenience in usage.

2.Single-ear mode allows users to maintain awareness of their surroundings, making it easier to engage in conversations with others.

bluetooth headphonesbluetooth headphones

Specially Designed Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Soft Earhooks

1.Our bluetooth earbuds equipped with 3 different size ear tips to meet different customer ear canal, choose one which is suit you best and attach to the earbuds.

2.Put the earhook over your ear and insert the eartip into your ear canal and give it a slight twist until you see fit.

3.Adjust the earhook to make it securely and comfortably stay around your ear, then you can begin your musical journey.


bluetooth 5.3bluetooth 5.3

wide compatibilitywide compatibility

Stereo Sound Quality

Our wireless buletooth earphones provides HD, strong stereo sound quality, let you have your own little music world, make you fall in love with music.

Bluetooth 5.3

Bluetooth 5.3 provides reliable and fast connection for stable music streaming, enjoy music without being interrupted.

Wide Compatibility

Our wireless headphones can works with most devices, like IOS system devices, Android system devices and most devices with bluetooth. Its wide compatibility gives you nothing to worry about.

bluetooth earphonesbluetooth earphones

【LED Digital Display Charging Case】RIZIZI sports bluetooth earbuds have a LED digital display,it can display the quantity of electricity directly and clearly without open the lid.The number represents the percentage of charging case’s remaining power.And the 4 independent power consumption indicators represent the charging process of the earbuds.That makes the charge visible.no more worry about headphones running out of battery when go out.And you also can schedule the best charging time.
【Support Wireless Charging and USB C Charging& Noise Reduction Mic】RIZIZI sports wireless headphones support wireless charging and USB C charging, both methods are convenient, just choose one is suitable for you.(Package doesn’t include wireless charger). Our bluetooth headphones can reduce surrounding noise while calling to a certain extent, such as the wind sound,current sound and so on.Provide better calling quality,so you don’t need to worry about ambient noise interfering with your call.
【96hrs Playtime&Stereo Sound】 Each RIZIZI wireless earbud has a playtime of 8 hours on a single charge, The charging case can recharge the earbuds 4 times.so you can get about 96 hours total playtime from a fully charged charging case, Excellent power storage capability providing hours of excellent listening. Our bluetooth headphones offer a natural and authentic sound, let you immerse yourself in your own musical world completely.These headphones make a good Valentine’s Day gift.
【Designed for Sport】The wireless sport headphones are designed with over-ear earhooks,it can fit your ears comfortably and hold on to your ears without falling out.No more worry about headphones falling off during exercise or needing to be distracted to adjust them, feel free to move.The bluetooth earbuds are designed with IPX5 sweatproof,so it’s no fear of sweating during exercise.to avoid misoperation such as accidental touch during exercise causing pause, earbuds adopt actual button.
【Secure Simple Pairing&Wide Compatibility】 Remove the RIZIZI earbuds from the charging case,they will be activated and pair with each other automatically.Then open your device’s bluetooth to search “A12” to connect.After the first successfully connection,the sport earbuds will automatically connect to the last pairing device when next time use. Our earbuds are widely compatible with IOS system devices,most android system devices and most devices with bluetooth.operation is simple and fast.


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