A game-changing partnership between Accor Hotels and Peloton is making a splash in the world of fitness travel. But while hotel-goers are bound to enjoy a free library brimming with unique workouts, there are even better benefits in store.   

Whether it’s a mid-week work conference or a family stint across the country, travelling is usually synonymous with pausing your gym memberships, deferring your pilates bookings and total disruption to your fitness routine. And while many hotels are fitted with a gym, the last thing you probably feel like doing in the middle of a business trip is racing down to level three to reserve an outdated treadmill next to sweaty Steve from Accounts.  

But one all-access membership program has been busy working hard to defy that narrative, offering travellers and hotel-goers across the country an opportunity to prioritise their health and fitness goals from absolutely anywhere. A game-changing partnership between Accor Hotels and Peloton, one of the world’s most recognisable fitness conglomerates, is redefining how travellers approach fitness. 

Launching in 2022, the prestigious partnership has recently expanded to include 50 of Accor’s most popular hotels, resorts and apartments. So what exactly does it mean for hotel-goers and travelling fitness fanatics?

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Giving the people what they want

Self-care and relaxation aren’t just achieved with a spa treatment or a long date with a book, with exercise being one of the most popular ways Aussies take care of their health and well-being. In fact, according to research conducted by YouGov, 76 per cent of Aussies who travel for work revealed that maintaining their health and exercise regime when travelling was a non-negotiable consideration.

Furthermore, the data showed 68 per cent of respondents would rather use provided hotel facilities to work out, as opposed to a self-guided session in their room with makeshift hand weights. Enter Peloton. 

“Whether Aussies are travelling for work or leisure, our research tells us that they’re making health and wellness a priority,” says Amanda Gilmore, Country Manager for Peloton Australia. “Peloton offers an expansive range of classes that are adaptable for every level and ability, so you can get a workout boost whether at home or travelling.”

Regardless of whether you’ve tried a Peloton experience, you’re probably familiar with the concept. Making a name for themselves with their signature cycling workouts, the brand is known for its upbeat and sweat-inducing sessions run by zesty fitness instructors (who also happen to look like they previously modelled for Abercrombie).  

If cycling your heart out to a Taylor Swift medley isn’t for you, the Peloton app has you covered, teeming with guided strength, cardio yoga, pilates and stretch sessions. Their library of 57 instructors will keep you motivated throughout any workout, from a live group class with fellow members around the world to a guided outdoor walk or run to explore the city outside. 

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, Accor guests are always looking for ways to recharge and enrich their wellness, with the chain of hotels placing particular emphasis on Pelaton’s wellness offerings. “At Accor, we’re always looking at how we can integrate health and wellbeing in meaningful ways throughout the customer journey, to deliver an authentic and holistic wellness offering,” explains Sarah Derry, Chief Executive Officer of Accor Pacific. 

Get rewarded for every workout

While the chance to experience Peloton’s signature flair is enough to get people excited, there’s more to this partnership than giving travellers access to a library of free workouts. 

According to the commissioned research, 66 per cent of Gen Z participants would be more motivated to work out while travelling if they had a little incentive (aside from bettering their health, of course). With the rising cost of living and growing financial hardship across the country, it’s no surprise that 75 per cent of total respondents admitted they’d be more inclined to book their next hotel stay using loyalty points and programs, taking advantage of available promotional deals and discounts. 

“We want to provide guests with an added incentive to keep up their fitness while they stay with us, which is why we’re delighted to introduce the first-ever ALL Reward points promotion for Peloton workouts completed in our hotels,” says Derry. “Every point earned can be redeemed with Accor or one of our partners, and make a real difference to our guests’ wellbeing.”

As an Accor Live Limitless member (it’s free to join), you’ll be eligible to earn reward points with every completed workout through the Peloton App at participating hotels. These points can be redeemed on future stays, or used to unlock tickets to concerts and sporting events around the world. With up to 100 points up for grabs, simply show your completed workout on the app at the hotel front desk. Yes, it’s really that easy.

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